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The Jubilee Association welcomes those whose lives are challenged by poverty, illness, joblessness, or homelessness.

Since 1979, Jubilee Kitchen has fed impoverished, downtrodden Pittsburghers in the spirit of Judeo-Christian values. Every day since, we:

  • Provide, 365 days a year, a hot mid-day meal to all guests who come to us
  • Attract volunteers and contributors who want to respond to the poor
  • Foster a community of respect and encouragement among guests and volunteers

Through the years Jubilee Association formed to address additional needs of our guests and to serveour neighborhood, especially children, in an effort to break the cycle of poverty, saving them from ever needing the Kitchen.

We are an independent nonprofit organization supported and operated by concerned citizens of the greater Pittsburgh metropolitan area. We have been blessed by generous donations from many individuals, foundations, and communities.

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